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Supporting clients for 15+ years

Hello! My name is Markus Zametter.
I have been working in the field of digital marketing since 2008, both locally and internationally, and with a wide variety of projects. I hold a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree in digital marketing, a number of university- and professional certificates in the field, and an international award for a digital marketing method I developed. Here you can get an overview of my current services:


These are the areas of digital marketing I currently focus on.

Social Media →

Right now I am working full-time in social manage mangement and -marketing for a German TV station, where I am working on targeted content to increase reach.


Both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) have always been a focus of my work. I also hold a number of certificates in the field.

WordPress →

I have been using WordPress regularly for my own- as well as clients projects since about 2007/08, and was working as a support agent for Automattic (the company behind, WooCommerce, Jetpack etc.) from 2019-2023.

Websites →

Even though WordPress is a flexible solution for many web projects, I also have experience with other CMS as well as static HTML websites (I developed my first static sites as early as 1999).

Analytics →

Digital marketing without analytics is a lot like driving your car with your eyes closed. I recommend companies regularly and thouroughly review their available analytics for building/maintaing a successful online presence.

Research →

As a researcher, I have primarily focused on data privacy and how it relates to digital marketing. I am open to work on new research projects in the future.


analytics on laptop

Digital marketing

Establish / improve your online presence

Important aspects of digital marketing include SEO (search engine optimization), SEA (search engine advertising), analytics, (digital) market research and strategic development, as well as advertising campaigns on different platforms and channels.

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Social media & content marketing

Stay in touch with your audience through targeted content

Social media offers unique opportunities for reaching new prospects or staying in touch with existing ones. The quality of the content is crucial for success – but so is how, where and when it is posted. Social media marketing and management, as well as content marketing are among the areas I specialize in the most.

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smartphone social media
computer screens for web design

Websites and more

Centerpriece of your online presence

The company website is perhaps the flagship of an organization’s or brand’s presence on the Internet: Commonly it is also an essential part of the entire business model, and has a significant impact on the company’s overall success. Based on decades of experience in creating, editing and maintaining websites, I can help you with developing and implementing an individually tailored solution.

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Aside form my professional work, I also had the opportunity to spend time on scientific research. The focus of my research has been on the areas of data protection/privacy, marketing, as well as tourism.

DBA Dissertation

„Effective Digital Marketing in an Age of Privacy Concerns and Data Protection Regulations“

Dissertation for: Doctor of Business Administration in Digital & Mobile Marketing
Collegium Humanum Warsaw Management University

Master’s Thesis

„On the Effects of Data Protection and the GDPR on Austrian Tourism Businesses“

Thesis for: Master’s in Innovation and Tourism Marketing
Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia

If you would like to keep track of my research activites or collaborate, feel free to follow my Researchgate profile or connect with me there.

If you’d like to read more from me, feel free to check out my blog posts. Please note I only blog infrequently, and some of the posts will be in German (my native language).

  • Neustart und Beständigkeit

    Neustart und Beständigkeit

    Im Jahr 2023 konnte ich mit meinem Ein-Personen-Unternehmen das 15-jährige Jubiläum feiern. Im den ersten 3 Jahren führte ich mein Gewerbe nur nebenberuflich, parallel zu meiner Wirtschaftsinformatik-Schulausbildung in Wien. Von Anfang 2011 bis Ende 2022 war meine Tätigkeit als IT Dienstleister eine hauptberufliche, und nun bin ich seit rund einem halben Jahr darüber hinaus auch…

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Contact me

The best way to reach me is via email, or via a social network. Currently I am most active on LinkedIn, so feel free to add me as a contact or send me a message there as well:

Feel free to contact me if I can help you with your project or you are interested in collaborating in some way – I will get back with you as soon as I can.

Please note: I am usually booked several months in advance and will likely be unable to start working on (large) projects on short notice. It would be helpful for scheduling if you could reach out a bit ahead of time, thanks!. The earlier you contact me, the more likely it will be for me to accept working on your project.

In case I am unable to work with you myself, I may be able to direct you to another professional in the field.